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Gamereactor's CES 2019 Highlights

What first happens in Vegas, comes to the rest of the world soon enough, and here is the list of our favourite things from the recent tech show in Nevada.

We sent video editor Halldór "Dóri" Halldórsson to Las Vegas for the annual technology feast that is CES and we came back with a whole lot of videos and impressions of upcoming and current hardware and gadgets. Some more to do with gaming than others, but we asked him to pick some of his favourites from the sprawling convention and these are the clips he came up with.

MSI GS75 Stealth

This surprisingly small laptop from MSI sports an RTX-2080 graphics card, an 8th gen Intel Core processor and a 144 Hz display. We got a closer look inside the MSI booth:

Samsung The Wall

Samsung wowed the world with The Wall last year at CES and this year they returned with an even larger wall, 219 inches to be precise. We got a chat with Samsung's Magnus Nilsson about the product and potential consumer applications as well as the micro-LED technology.

LG Signature OLED TV R

LG made a big splash with their rollable TV that's now a fully fledged consumer product. The 65-inch OLED screen has a distinct air of future about it and you really should check out the video if you're curious how your living room space may change in the years to come.

HP Omen X Emperium 65

HP Omen's first BFGD comes with all the features and extras we've been waiting for and promises and no-compromise big-screen PC gaming experience.


Ever felt that a selfie stick is a bit limited, and perhaps you feel it makes you look like a dork? Well, Selfly is a cool mini-drone that fits neatly onto your smartphone and provides you with brilliant opportunities for cool selfies or other types of photos if you're the selfless type.

Disney's Technologia School of Magic

Learn how to program in four different languages with the neat Disney-enhanced Technologia School of Magic and have fun while doing it. We were very impressed by what we saw of this edutainment product in Las Vegas.

Gigabyte Aorus Monitor

A gaming monitor that lets you add say a reticule on top of the screen for accurate no scoping. It may sound like cheating, but Gigabyte is bringing some true innovation to the monitor space with their flagship model.

Nokia Ozo

What if you could capture true surround sound when recording with your smartphone. Well you can, thanks to the Nokia Ozo software. We caught up with Nokia's Dr. Jyri Huopaniemi who explained this and more.