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The Best Trailers of E3 2018

We've collected together our favourite trailers from this year's conferences.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

The conferences are done and the trailers have all been shown. With that being the case, here are our favourites. 18 of them to be exact.

For many it'll be the game of the show, and sci-fi fans will be licking their augmented lips in anticipation after seeing what CD Projekt Red is cooking up for them in Cyberpunk 2077.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is starting to become synonymous with barnstorming CGI trailers. We got to see some of the game itself too this year, but if it's entertainment you're after, look no further than this cinematic offering.

Naughty Dog showed off an extensive trailer revealing both sides of The Last of Us: Part II. On the one hand, we get to see Ellie slow-dancing with her partner. On the other, we cut to an altogether more deadly dance.

Another show opener came in the form of Halo Infinite, which Microsoft teased at the beginning of its conference. We don't get to see much, although there are some subtle clues if you look hard enough.

The Quiet Man looks to offer a unique premise via its deaf protagonist. It's not all that clear how this will manifest itself in terms of gameplay, but we like the gritty style and look forward to finding out more.

Another extended gameplay showing from Sony, Ghost of Tsushima looks absolutely stunning at times thanks to some lush environmental design and some smartly constructed action sequences.

Bethesda is taking things in a slightly different direction with Fallout 76. The series is getting some online features and the West Virginia-set story will act as a prequel to the entire series.

Master of destruction Rico Rodrigeuz is making his return in Just Cause 4, one of three Avalanche Studios games to feature during this year's E3 (Rage 2 and Generation Zero being the other two).

This year's E3 wasn't the strongest when it came to racing games, but luckily for us Forza Horizon 4 was announced during Microsoft's presser. Even better is the news that it's set here in the UK.