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What games are coming to PS4 and Xbox 720? Part 2

We've assembled what we know and what is rumoured into one giant next generation speculation piece.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

You can reads the first part of our mammoth next-gen piece here.

Star Wars 1313
Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: Lucasarts

A recent report on Kotaku stated that the promising Star Wars 1313 had been put on hold following Disney's takeover of Lucasfilm. Hopefully this is just a brief hick up in development and the game, that was announced at last year's E3 without any mention of platforms (big next-gen tell). We fully expect this to come out on both PS4 and Xbox 720 if it's not cancelled for some inexplicable reason.

Cyberpunk 2077
Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red started teasing their new Cyberpunk game last year, so we're a little disappointed they decided to work on and finish The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt before they focus fully on Cyberpunk 2077. A very promising concept that marries a Deus Ex type future with RPG gameplay we know CD Projekt Red are masters at. No firm details on platforms, but we expect this on both PS4 and Xbox 720.

Rainbow Six Patriots
Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: Ubisoft (Montreal, Red Storm, Toronto)

First announced in 2011 the next game in the Rainbow Six series has had a troubled development with several key people leaving the project in early 2012. First announced for the current generation of consoles it was suggested by Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot that it may be shifted to next-gen. Ubisoft typically space out the releases of Tom Clancy titles and with Splinter Cell: Blacklist due in August, we're unlikely to see Rainbow Six: Patriots until very late in 2013 or in 2014. And most signs points towards it being released on next-gen consoles. It could also be cancelled altogether even if Ubisoft typically rework their games rather than cancel them altogether.

The Last Guardian
Likely PS4
Developer: Team Ico/Sony Santa Monica

Every now and then Sony assures fans that The Last Guardian is still in development. But could it really still be heading to PS3? I think Sony knows the kind of impact an announcement of The Last Guardian on PS4 would have (at this point people would cheer) - and thus they're saving it for E3 or TGS. A recent rumour said that The Last Guardian had been a PS4 for a couple of years now, but the source was difficult to verify.

Likely Xbox 720
Developer: Crytek

Do you remember Ryse, or Kingdoms as it was first known as? First shown off as a Kinect-only Xbox 360 title, it is now believed the game will make use of a controller (possibly with Kinect "enriching" the experience). The lack of any new information and details suggests the project may have been moved to the next Xbox. Afterall, the Roman Empire wasn't built overnight.

Whore of the Orient
Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: KMM Games/Team Bondi

The L.A. Noire developers Team Bondi are bouncing back with "Whore of the Orient" (if that is indeed going to be its final name) that is being published by Warner Bros. Rumoured to be targeted for 2015 (if that's the target we'd be happy to get it in 2017), the game is set in Shanghai, 1936. Given the studio's flair for storytelling we expect this one to follow suit.

Gran Turismo 6
Likely PS4
Developer: Polyphony Digital

To our surprise Sony Worldwide Studios' Michael Denny recently mentioned Gran Turismo 6 as a title that's still to come on PS3. We kind of just assumed it had been shifted to PS4. Perhaps it's still coming to PS4 and perhaps it will be released on both platforms. Time will tell, but if there's no sign off GT6 at E3 this year - we would be extremely surprised if it's only coming to PS3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer Games

It has yet to be confirmed that the next Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 4, but given the popularity of the previous installments and the unlikely scenario that Activision would allow more than 2 years in between Modern Warfare games it is likely the case. Activision have already talked about the increased costs of developing this game as a result of next-gen versions so you can pretty much bank on the next Call of Duty to be available as PS4 and Xbox 720 launches.

Halo 5
Most likely Xbox 720
Developer: 343 Industries

When Microsoft and 343 Industries started talking about Halo 4 it was called the first game in a new trilogy so one has to assume work on Halo 5 has already commenced. And it seems highly unlikely this game would be released on the aging Xbox 360. Other than that we really don't know anything else.

Just Cause 3
Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: Avalanche Studios

Avalanche have been dropping hints about a next-gen openworld game for a while now, and it's not difficult to guess what game that might be. The only question that remains is whether this is a project lined up for release in 2014 in development at the Stockholm offices or if this is being worked on in the New York offices with a 2015 target date. Whatever the case may be Avalanche are also rumoured to be working on a next-gen Mad Max title.

Little Big Planet 3
Likely PS4
Developer: Sumo Digital

A rumour reported by VG247 stated that Little Big Planet 3 was in development at Sumo Digital. A likely scenario seeing as they have worked on the franchise previously and as Media Molecule are busy with Tearaway and that unnamed PS4 project. No platform was mentioned in the rumour, but one has to think that an unannounced Little Big Planet 3 would likely be heading to PS4, right?

Next Gears of War
Likely Xbox 720
Developer: Epic Games

Gears of War 4 will be created without influential designer Cliff Bleszinski's input.

Gears of War is an interesting franchise as it belongs to Epic Games, but Microsoft have an exclusive publishing deal or have had up until now, at least. It's likely costing Microsoft a pretty penny to keep it exclusive, and if Gears of War: Judgment fails to live up to expectation we wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft allowed the series to go multi-platform. For now, however, the inevitable Gears of War 4 looks set for Xbox 720 - and it is an early favourite for Epic's first showcase game on Unreal Engine 4 (even if we wouldn't mind seeing a game made of the Samaritan demo first).

Project Gotham Racing 5
Xbox 720
Developer: Lucid Games

STFUandPlay published a rumour about Evolution Studios' Driveclub, but in the same post they also mentioned that Lucid Games (a studio made up of former Bizarre Creations and Criterion staff) is working on Project Gotham Racing 5 for the next Xbox. Of course, there has been a Project Gotham Racing game at every Xbox launch to date, so why break the tradition?

Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: Former THQ Montreal/Ubisoft Montreal

1666 was the game former Assassin's Creed creative director Patrice Desilets and his team at THQ Montreal were working on until the untimely demise of the publisher. Now Ubisoft owns the game, and the studio (likely merging it with Ubisoft Montreal) and it remains to be seen what comes of 1666. One has to assume Ubisoft sees some value in it after having spent $2.5 million on acquiring the rights. According to documents from THQ 1666 was lined up for release in 2014 or 2015 so it is likely a title heading to PS4 and Xbox 720.

Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: Turtle Rock Studios

Take-Two spent a lot of money ($10.8 million) acquiring the rights to Turtle Rock Studios' (Left 4 Dead) next project Evolve. We have yet to see anything of it, but given the price tag we assume it's multiformat and in a fairly advanced state of development. It would seem likely that the game is heading to the next-gen consoles, but we know very little about the game at this point.

Uncharted 4
Developer: Naughty Dog

Image from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

We really have no information on a possible Uncharted sequel, but given that it's Sony's break-out franchise this generation it's hard to imagine that Naughty Dog would be allowed to make two non-Uncharted games in a row. Whatever Naughty Dog are making for PS4 we expect to hear about it soon.

"Singularity" - next from Quantic Dreams
Developer: Quantic Dreams

A domain registration for SingularityPS4 by Quantic Dreams suggests that may be the title of their next project following Beyond: Two Souls. David Cage was on stage demoing the new engine that will supposedly be used for the next Quantic Dream title talking about emotions and polygons. The French developer has some kind of exclusivity deal with Sony, even if that deal may run out at some point. For now, let's assume it's just coming to PS4.

Likely PS4 and Xbox 720
Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Apart from a few blurry images and the official word "Respawn is developing a multi-platform product based on new video game IP and funded through its publishing deal with Electronic Arts" we don't know much about what must be seen as one of the most exciting new IPs set to hit the marketplace early next generation. It has been referred to as "sci-fi oriented", possibly pitting it against such properties as Destiny, Halo, and Killzone.

Note: Naturally games like FIFA, Madden and probably NBA 2K14 and the new EA Sports UFC will make it onto PS4 and Xbox 720, and the same goes for things like Singstar (PS4) and Just Dance that we'll likely see as well. We focused our attention on core titles and fresh IP's for this text. If we've missed any games you feel deserve a mention, please make a comment below.