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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World - Beginner's Tips & Tricks

If you're just getting started with Capcom's epic new adventure, we've some helpful tips to get you on the right path.

  • Text: Kieran Harris

Monster Hunter: World launches today on Xbox One and PS4 and as you may be able to tell from our near perfect 9/10 review, we're quite fond of it! We've had tons of fun over the last week slaying its many imposing beasts and exploring every inch of the beautiful setting of the New World. Whilst World aims to be the most accessible entry to date, we imagine for some starting this late into the Monster Hunter series may be daunting, so we've assembled a handy guide of tips and tricks to help transform any newcomers into seasoned hunters.

Don't be afraid to switch up your weapon types

Sure, becoming proficient with your favourite weapon is important, but there are plenty of incidents where that same pair of dual hatchets just won't cut it.

World has 14 weapon classes available and surprisingly, these all are available to you from the get-go, so you'd be foolish not to experiment! We'd recommend first visiting the training grounds in Astera (the main hub) to get a feel for each and then you'll have an idea which may fare better in different situations. For example, for flying beasts, you might decide a ranged weapon like a crossbow or heavy bow gun may suit, and for fast moving foes an insect glaive for rapid combos would possibly do the trick.

Remember that you can change your weapons mid-quest at any campsite without the need to return back to Astera (we wish we knew that during our first few hours!)

Monster Hunter: World

Kill and harvest EVERYTHING

This one might sound a little depraved, we realise, but as crafting is such a pivotal part of World, you'll want to max out your inventory, so you're never too far away from that next weapon upgrade or super potion that you're in desperate need of.

We'd recommend bounty quests from the resource centre, as they are centred around collecting materials and come with handsome rewards for completion. Another tip is to be careful when fighting larger monsters, as often their tail and other parts will snap off and can easily become lost during the heat of battle. Don't be afraid to retreat to gather these parts as they're key for new armour sets and may even prevent you from having to repeat the fight again.

Also, do note that your item pouch will begin to fill quickly, but don't fear, these can be sent to your item box to be accessed in future.

Eat well before you hunt

Because nobody got anything done on an empty stomach, right?

Before setting out on a hunt be sure to stop off at either the canteen at Astera or your campsite and grab yourself a tasty meal prepared by a team of feline chefs (seriously, the devs at Capcom have an obsession with cats).

Each of these meals will provide you with a temporary boost in stats such as attack, elemental resistance, and defence; with different recipes being unlocked for completing specific side-quests. You can even step into the role of head chef yourself and create your own custom dishes by selecting a mishmash of materials you've gathered across your journey, expanding the menu tenfold. Not only are these meals served up with a hilarious cutscene, but damn, we can't be the only ones who think that food looks good!?

Bolstering your stats can mean the difference between life and death, so it's well worth preparing in advance what meals may best help in your upcoming encounter.

Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World