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Indie games we can't wait to play in 2018

We've pooled our wishlists and collected together the indie titles we're most excited about this year.

The Last Night

The Last Night is mind-numbingly beautiful. It's a sci-fi thriller set in a post-cyberpunk world where everything and anything is available to humans, and so mere survival and getting by isn't your objective anymore. Inspired by a classic like Flashback, we're confident the appeal is not just skin-deep with this one.


Klei Entertainment has always wowed us with their artistic work and with Griftlands the studio is returning with an RPG about, well, grifting, basically. Steal, cheat, swindle and fight your way forward in a game that seems to revolve significantly less around a hero's journey than what's the norm in the genre.


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Last year the remade Dragon's Trap took us back to Monster World, and this year we'll see the first new game in the series in a couple of decades. Combining the classic Metroidvania style design with new transformations and strong aesthetics (that seem to get an overhaul every six months or so) we're excited to see how The Cursed Kingdom turns out. If you're curious too, be sure to check out our hands-on impressions of the game.



If Stardew Valley and Slime Rancher aren't cute enough for you, then maybe Ooblets is. It's simply adorable. Combining farming with living in a town and collecting creatures, Ooblets looks like it could very well occupy much of our time when it launches in 2018.


Ape Out

We got acquainted with the brilliant zoo escape (and gorilla killer) simulator that is Ape Out at last year's PAX East. A strong visual identity, adrenaline-fueled intensity, immediate on the fly tactical decisions, and an inspired soundscape made it an immediate favourite of ours. There's a playable trailer out on Steam, but honestly, the actual game is a lot more fun and tactical than what the trailer entails.



It seems Bandai Namco are intent to keep us from ever experiencing a proper new Katamari Damacy game, but creator Keita Takahashi has moved on and his next game Wattam appears to be just as bonkers as the adventures of the prince. A game about making friends and solving puzzles, apparently, it's one that looks deliciously delirious.


No Truce with the Furies

In No Truce with the Furies you play as a cop in the city of Revachol. There's a huge open-ended case to solve and you can play it your way. As the story progresses you'll delve deeper into the sci-fi/fantasy fabric of this isometric RPG. What's more, the game features an original soundtrack by British Sea Power, and well, that's actually more than enough reason to get excited.



After the disappointment of Tiny Metal, we're still waiting for the spiritual successor to Advance Wars. Will it be Wargroove? This turn-based strategy game takes the charm and the gameplay created by Intelligent Systems and brings it to a pixel style world set in a medieval era. But it also adds local and online multiplayer for up to four people with regular units, special units and commanders, and a level editor to create your own maps, missions and game modes. This could be the one.


Super Meat Boy Forever

One of the original darlings of the console indie scene thanks to its incredible success on Xbox Live back in the day, Super Meat Boy wowed players with its stellar gameplay and grim/cute skinless protagonist, the eponymous Meat Boy. Now the quirky indie icon is set to make his return in Super Meat Boy Forever, and we can't wait to see what he's got in store for us later this year.


Laser League

Roll7 is the indie team behind Not A Hero and the OlliOlli titles and their next game is one of those seemingly simple local multiplayer games that looks like it's going to offer a ton of depth and tactical options, once you dig into it. The players are tasked with holding nodes and avoiding the opposing team's laser and attacks. It's quick and brutal, and lots of fun.


There are so many games that we could have previewed alongside those mentioned above, but
we had to draw the line somewhere, and 20 seemed like a good number. However, we're going to publish another article soon that includes games that have already released into Early Access but that should launch fully in 2018, and there are a bunch of big-budget games like Vermintide 2 that sit on the line between indie and AAA which we didn't include either. For a more general look at what's coming in the next twelve months, check out our two-part preview of 2018 by heading here and here. And finally, if there's an indie game that you feel should be on the list that isn't, let us know in the comments down below.