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Indie games we can't wait to play in 2018

We've pooled our wishlists and collected together the indie titles we're most excited about this year.

This year looks like it could be something truly special as far as independently developed games go, regardless of whether you're looking at Steam, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

Phoenix Point

Julian Gollop has got previous when it comes to turn-based strategy. If you're familiar with the name then you'll know that he was one of the chief architects behind the original Xcom, and therefore he's a bit of a legend within the sub-genre. His next game, Phoenix Point, looks like it draws plenty from his original series, and visually it seems to have much in common with the more modern Firaxis take on the franchise. Visuals aside, this sci-fi tactics game looks like it's going to be an absolute treat.


Spelunky 2

One game that needs little introduction is roguelike-platformer Spelunky. The title fused permadeath and procedural generation with pixel perfect platforming to create an absolute masterpiece, and we're very much looking forward to seeing what Mossmouth can come up with for the sequel. It's certainly going to be a challenge for players, but that's also the charm of the wonderful original, and it's the brilliantly balanced difficulty that keeps us coming back to the game, even after all these years.



"They're coming outta the goddamn walls" is a phrase that GTFO will no doubt be hammering home once more when we get bombarded with aliens as part of this co-op shooter from PayDay lead designer Ulf Andersson. Up to four players can explore the dark caverns of the game together, working to scavenge resources and survive the hostile nightmare, and we can't imagine anything more terrifying than being the last one alive once all your friends have been picked off one by one.



We saw Frostpunk back at E3 2017, and it was one of the standout indie games we saw. Your job is to manage a small community in freezing conditions, making sure they've got the resources and warmth to survive the bitter cold, but on top of that, you also have to work to find more survivors. Tough choices will have to be made, and some might not be the most popular, but hey, that's the price to pay when you're in charge. For more info, check out our first-look preview.



Agony's alpha demo gave us a brief glimpse into what hell might be like, and now this year we should get the full package. In the game you explore the depths of hell, packed with fiendish beasts and twisted monstrosities aplenty, and it's up to us to work out how we can survive amidst the flames and damnation. With all of this complemented by a beautifully dark world full of crimson, we can't wait to get back in and see what the minds at Madmind Studio have in store for us. By the way, you can read our alpha impressions right here.



One thing's for sure, we're glad that Choice Provisions decided to streamline the name for this threequel. Once again we'll be running, jumping, and sliding our way through fast-paced and unrelenting levels. The quirky visuals and world design made the last game an utterly charming experience, and we're expecting more of the same this time around. Throw in some new features such as vehicles, and Runner 3 is shaping up to be another great entry in this quirky series.


The Church in the Darkness

This stealth game has players heading down to a jungle in South America to investigate a strange cult that has established a base of operations away from the scrutiny of the US government circa 1970. Players will need to keep their wits about them as they explore and infiltrate Freedom Town, a name that will be more or less heavy on irony depending on how the particular cult of your playthrough is decked out. Interestingly, we're promised an ever-changing and dynamic experience each time you play, so you never know what challenges await.


Return of the Obra Dinn

After the brilliance of Papers, Please we're definitely looking forward to seeing whether Lucas Pope can deliver a similarly engaging experience with his sophomore project. We don't know a huge amount about this follow-up title, other than it's going to be very different to Pope's bureaucratic thriller, with this second game instead a nautical mystery about a ship that was thought lost at sea but that appeared seemingly out of nowhere several years later. Consider us well and truly intrigued.


Untitled Goose Game

We're big fans of stealth games here at GR, but we're even bigger fans of goose games. Sadly, there aren't a huge number of the latter, leaving us constantly sad and depressed about the current state of affairs. Untitled Goose Game has arrived just in time to turn our frowns upside down, however, as you play a nasty goose out to cause trouble for the inhabitants of the rural village where you live. For fellow goose game aficionados, this one's going to be must buy.


Into the Breach

Subset Games was one of the first studios to really make the most of the Kickstarter platform when they pitched the sublime space roguelike, FTL: Faster Than Light. The success of that first game has given the outfit a platform upon which they can build, and they're doing just that with the upcoming Into the Breach, a sci-fi tactics game where the player takes control of mechs from the future to tackle a sinister alien threat.


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