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Sony's Press Conference E3 17: All the Announcements

Here's everything that got unveiled during Sony's presentation.

  • Text: Ford James

Compared to last year's E3, no single conference has been particularly surprising or impressive. Microsoft and Ubisoft both had some decent announcements to make, but there was nothing truly surprising or mind-blowing that consumers weren't already expecting. With just Sony and Nintendo to go, could Sony turn this E3 from average to great?

The very first thing Sony showed off was some more footage of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Featuring Chloe and Nadine, there's not a lot to say other than it looks like more Uncharted, and that's definitely not a bad thing.

Aloy gets a new adventure in the first DLC expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, The Frozen Wilds. New machines and snow covered mountains are the setting, and it's set to launch in 2017.

Days Gone was next on the agenda, and we finally got to see some proper gameplay, with the first encounter with a human faction we've seen, along with manipulating the zombies into swarming the bad guys who had our friend hostage. It wasn't quite as impressive as last year's reveal, but it looks good nonetheless.

We weren't sure what the next game was at first. Final Fantasy? Turok? Jurassic Park? Turns out it was Monster Hunter World, a brand new entrant to the Monster Hunter series that looks bloody impressive. Check out the dino with a mohawk. It's coming to Xbox One and PC too, despite being shown off during Sony's conference.

Classic and fan favourite Shadow of the Colossus is getting a second remake, this time for the PS4. It was remastered for the PS3 last generation, and maybe it'll even get re-done for the PS5 too. We're not complaining though because the game is utterly wonderful.

Capcom's cross-over fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, got a new story trailer too. Several new characters were shown such as Dr. Strange, Dante from Devil May Cry, Rocket Racoon and more. They also announced a demo is now available for PS4 players, so head over to the PlayStation store and get downloading.

Activision's return to the Second World War in the form of Call of Duty: WWII had its first multiplayer reveal. Again, there's nothing particularly out of the ordinary for long-time CoD fans, but the boots on the ground and back to basics gameplay was definitely refreshing to see.

Sony continued to push its virtual reality content, with a slew of various titles. Supermassive Games announced an Until Dawn prequel called The Inpatient, Skyrim is coming to PSVR, a Final Fantasy XV fishing game was announced, and more. This holiday season is looking like a good time to pick up a PSVR headset.

What appears to be Sony's next big hope, God of War, got some brand new footage that showed off more of the relationship between Kratos and his son, along with an absolutely enormous, and apparently quite helpful, sea creature.

David Cage's upcoming noir thriller, Detroit: Become Human, got an all new story trailer showing off the lead character, Markus, as he leads an android revolution against the locals. Cage always comes up with something extraordinary and we can't wait to see what happens on the streets of future Detroit.

Finally, we were treated to an extended gameplay demonstration of Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man game. With a lot of web swinging, city destruction, and stealthy gameplay, it's looking very promising indeed. Whether it'll live up to our now lofty expectations means to be seen though.

That brings us to a close for Sony's conference. There weren't any huge surprises, Monster Hunter World was probably the most unexpected title shown, but it was a solid conference nonetheless. Follow all the links above to see the trailers for each game, and keep your eyes peeled for our roundup of Nintendo's conference.