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Microsoft's Press Conference E3 17: All the Announcements

Xbox One X and more unveiled during the event.

  • Text: Jon Calvin

Microsoft had a lot to announce this E3, with a nice mix of hardware and exclusive titles. In case you didn't have chance to catch the live stream or even if you just fancy a summarised version of the conference, then we have compiled all the major talking points from the show for your viewing pleasure right here.

First and foremost was the announcement of Microsoft's new flagship console, now officially known as the Xbox One X. The full specs of the console have now been detailed as well as lots of lovely pictures of what is the most powerful and smallest Xbox ever made.

Next up was Microsoft's benchmark, exclusive racing game, Forza Motorsport 7. The next instalment in the Forza series will run at a native 4K and 60fps, which as you can imagine looks extremely impressive.

We got a first trailer for Metro Exodus. The next instalment in 4A Games' post-apocalyptic shooter will finally take it's protagonist outside of the Metro to explore the wider world.

Assassin's Creed is officially back and this time it's heading to Egypt. We got a chance to see a new 4k gameplay trailer that showcased some new mechanics for the series, as the latest protagonist scaled pyramids and wrestled giant snakes.

The hit PC sensation PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox. After selling 3 million copies on PC and dominating the Steam charts for weeks it should be interesting to see how popular this becomes on Microsoft's console.

State of Decay 2 got a new trailer in honour of E3 2017, showcasing some new enemies. It appears the tough moral choices of the original will make a return, as if the zombie apocalypse wasn't bad enough.

Next, we got a look at two of the smaller titles coming to ID@xbox. Deep Rock Galactic is a stylish first-person shooter with tunnelling mechanics, which unfortunately does not have a release date yet. The Darwin Project is an alternative take on the battle-royal game and is planned as an Xbox exclusive.

As expected, there was a whole bunch of Minecraft news. Microsoft is looking to unify the game's community and add an official server browser to further help bring players together.

Microsoft treated us to a rapid fire of some first looks at up and coming games on the platform. These included Dragon Ball FighterZ, a fast-paced 2.5D anime fighter from Arc System Works. Black Desert, a sandbox-oriented role-playing game that launched on PC in 2014 and will be Xbox exclusive. And Finally, indie game The Last Night got a new trailer and was confirmed also to be an Xbox exclusive.

Sea of Thieves, Rare's new pirate adventure got a detailed gameplay reveal. Players will salvage sunken wrecks, hunt for treasure and attempt to solve the mysteries of this beautiful open world. You can also shoot yourself out of a cannon, so this game certainly looks fun.

Crackdown 3 got a release date, which will be November 7th 2017. It trailer also featured Terry Crews who will be voicing Commander Jaxon in the new game.

Crackdown wasn't the only game to get a release date though, as the highly anticipated indie game, Cuphead, also got a release date. The Disney-inspired shooter will be releasing on September 29th.

The next game from the creators of Gone Home, Tacoma, also picked itself up a release date.Super Lucky's Tale was announced, with the cartoony platformer inspired by the classics of the '90s. Ashen got a stylish new trailer as well, showcasing some of the gameplay players can expect.

Turns out the Life is Strangerumours were true and the second instalment in the episodic series will be called Life is Strange: Before the Storm. The game will be a prequel to the first series.

We have also been treated to some more Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay, via a new trailer on display during Microsoft's conference that showcased the new Nemesis system.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps was a nice surprise shown towards the end of the show. The original was a big hit, so a second instalment for the gorgeous platformer is good news.

In a huge announcement Microsoft announced the Xbox One would now also feature original Xbox backwards compatibility. It looks like Phil Spencer can finally play Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

Closing out the show was a trailer for Bioware's new, ambitious IP, Anthem. The sci-fi action-adventure got a gameplay trailer which took a look at what we'll be doing in this futuristic and hostile world.

That was everything covered in Microsoft's E3 Press Conference. Stay tuned to Gamereactor for more E3 news.