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EA Play 17: All the Announcements

All the major talking points in one place.

There's so much going on during E3 week that it can be hard to keep track of what has been announced and shown and dated and teased. With that in mind, we're collecting all the headlines together in one place. First up, here's everything revealed during EA Play:

Battlefield 1's In the Name of the Tsar was shown off at E3, with eight new maps promised, as well new and interesting units.

EA gave us a first proper look at Need for Speed Payback, and we later spoke to creative director William Ho.

Bioware's new IP, Anthem, was given a little tease (more was shown during Microsoft's press conference the follow night, however).

Intriguing co-op action-adventure A Way Out was revealed, and after that we spoke to creative director Josef Fares about the game. Finally, we have hands-on preview for your reading pleasure.

A Way Out offers co-op with a twist.

Of course FIFA 18 was part of the show, with Alex Hunter's story-driven adventures continuing. Before E3 we played an early build of FIFA 18 and checked out The Journey: Hunter Returns, and we also took a quick look at the game on Switch.

Another game that's looking to add a bit more narrative to the mix is Madden NFL 18, which was also the first look we got at the detail added by Xbox One X.

The Force seemed strong with Battlefront II.

EA and DICE are looking to right the wrongs of Star Wars Battlefront by delivering free post-launch maps for the sequel. New multiplayer details were revealed, and a beta was announced just before the event.

In other news: EA Access is free for a time, NBA Live 18 was in attendance, and below you can watch our reactions from having watched the event live.