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E3 17 Predictions: Bethesda

Bethesda is back on stage for the third year running, and we speculate as to what might be shown.

When Bethesda announced their first E3 conference two years ago, most of us thought it was just because they were going to announce Fallout 4. It turned out that they had quite a lot more to show, and then we got a conference last year as well. This has definitely made people more aware of them, something we definitely think they deserve. They've delivered one or more games that have been brought up in our "Game of Year" discussions these last few years. Will they be able to deliver the goods this year as well? We'll get an indication of that when their conference starts at 5am BST / 6am CEST Monday morning. Let's predict whether we'll be impressed or not. As with the previous articles, we'll start with the most obvious ones and gradually "speculate" (we'll admit that we know some of them are true). Bethesda has been kind enough to tease some of their announcements in their Bethesdaland poster, so let's work off that.

The Elder Scrolls Online's Morrowind launched on Tuesday and you can be sure that Bethesda won't be shutting down the servers anytime soon.They're definitely going to remind us how far the game has come since launch and that we'll get ever more content in the future.

As we're talking about one of Bethesda's biggest franchise we'll segue to Fallout. Fallout 4 VR will definitely be at the show. The question is: how will they show it off? When they revealed the game at last year's conference, Todd Howard said that they planned to release it by that time next year. That leads us to believe that they're fairly close to launch and therefore will show someone playing it on stage. Virtual reality is always difficult to present, but people might look past that because they just want more Fallout. Still, development might not have gone as smoothly as they hoped, so there's a chance it's further off than planned. Bethesda seems to put quite a lot of effort into virtual reality with both Doom and Fallout, so expect news either way.

Speaking of Doom (gotta love that segue), it's been a month since the masses got to play what you might consider an open beta for Quake Champions. After a long time with closed alphas, we think this is an indication that the game is closing in on its launch. The game pretty much feels as smooth and precise as we want it to be, and most aspects seem to be nailed down, which leads us to believe that this might be Bethesda's game for August or September.

Now, what about Bethesdaland's Dishonored 2 and Prey sections? We can smell an expansion from miles away. Dishonored got multiple expansions and the two story-focused ones were well received. Arkane has proved that they know how to do a great expansion, so you can be certain that they'll try again.

Prey is mostly a question about time. The folks at Arkane Austin gave us a little hint when we asked about possible expansions and future plans for it when we visited them last year. However, there has been a few problems with the game after launch and they might have been forced to push their plans back to fix those. This, combined with the fact that the game is very new, leads us to believe that we might get a mention of their plans, but not much more than that.