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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Multiplayer tips for Mass Effect: Andromeda

Here's how you can make the most of your multiplayer experience.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

Mass Effect: Andromeda is about your quest through the galaxy as Ryder, but that's not all it's about, as there's also a multiplayer component that requires a different set of skills to be successful in. We've compiled a guide to help you make the most of your multiplayer experience, then.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Choose a class that compliments your playstyle

There are six classes to choose from as you start playing Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer, all in human male or female variations, and more are unlocked by opening packs. The classes themselves are derived from the previous games, and a good starting class is the soldier, as it plays fairly straight forward and can quickly be levelled up a bit for improved survivability. Once you've learned the basics, however, we suggest you move on to one of the more fun classes that make use of biotics and/or tech abilities. The Adept and the Infiltrator are two of our favourites, as well as the unlockable class, the Turian Havoc Trooper, which allows for some alternative strategies that have to do mainly with being able to hover without taking as much damage.

Overall, you'll want to pick a class that complements your playstyle. If you want to be up close and personal, for instance, you may want to go for a soldier with a shotgun and strong melee. If you want to play stealthier and use tech abilities, though, the Infiltrator is your choice (you can also turn this into a strong melee class). You may want to play a couple of games with each class to get a feel for them and level them up a bit, even if we must say that certain classes take longer to warm up to. You'll also want to pay attention to the global perk each class feeds into, as it's a long road to level up these traits (that give bonuses across the board to all characters once levelled up).

Also consider the weight of the weaponry you bring to battle. While there's no benefit to carrying less than what you can, if you bring too much hardware (say an assualt rifle and a shotgun) early before levelling up, then you likely will have a longer recharge for your powers. Choose one main weapon and bring a pistol as a sidearm, and if need be you can always use an ammo pack for your primary weapon.

Use your melee attacks

Certain enemies are very susceptible to melee attacks and you shouldn't be afraid to swing left and right as things get crowded. Taking out Adhis with punches is very satisfying, and if you choose a class that allows you to up the potency of your melee attacks, that's a great option. It may not work against say an Ascended, but most enemies you'll face are weak against melee attacks. Another great thing about melee attacks is that if you propel yourself into the air and slam down with a punch you deal area of effect damage, which is excellent when you're cornered and there's no cooldown to consider.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Boost your strengths with boosters

Using boosters can really make a ton of difference, and you should naturally try and boost your best abilities and weapons with these "burn cards" of sorts. It's a great way of stacking extra damage to something like melee attacks for a character that's already very good in this regard, or for strengthening your primary weapon further (this can also be done with mods).

Save your items until the last waves

The early waves are fairly easy, and you should avoid wasting your health pack, ammo pack, revive, or RPG if you can, as these are better used in later waves or when you have special missions such as hacking or elimination. The Cobra RPGs in particular can deal devastating damage to larger enemies and are key make your life a whole lot easier if put to good use. Make sure you stock up on items between matches, too, as there's nothing worse than going into a game without the ability to revive yourself.

Always stock up on ammo and power cells

This is pretty much self-explanatory, but if you're making a stand close to an ammo depo, you can always top up your ammo and cells during the round as well. Make sure you always know where your closest ammo box is at all times.

Save your credits for expensive packs

Our strategy when buying packs was to buy cheap supply packs to stock up on one time items and boosters, and save the rest of the credits to buy the more expensive packs that allow for a chance to receive an ultra rare character. That's if you're playing to unlock the ultra rare classes. You'll also earn mission points and you should make sure only to spend these on equipment, not consumables, as you're much better off buying consumables with the supply packs.

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda