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Gamereactor UK

Mobile Weekly: Zombie Edition

In this week's mobile round-up of the best Android, iPhone and iPad releases: sports, zombies, cars, pixelated heroes. A Diablo clone and orcs.

  • Text: Lee West

Orc: Vengeance

This week's finest title - and which has attracted most attention - is undoubtedly Orc: Vengeance from Chillingo. It looks like Diablo. And feels like it as well, with plenty of loot and experience points to rack up during your questing. That itself is quite the achievement, and makes for one of this year's finest iOS games. While its gesture-based commands for spells and combat may not be to everyone's taste, if you hate virtual pads and prefer touch-to-move, then this is a winner.

Orc: Vengeance is available on the App Store. Screens are from the iPad version.

The Walking Dead

The second biggest title on the App Store this week was The Walking Dead, TellTale's adventure based on the comic and TV series of the same name.

It's the same version currently available for PC and console, just tweaked for touch screen interface. There are less puzzles in this adventure game, but a heavier attention to a good story as a survivor in the post-zombie apocalypse world makes up for it. The studio's usual issues with the iOS format (stuttering frame rate) seem to be a thing of the past. Delicious.

The Walking Dead is available on the App Store. Screens from the iPad version.

Mutant Roadkill

What do you get if you mix the style of Borderlands with Temple Run and mix in zombies? This is the answer. Here you have to drive as far as possible, while earning currency, running zombies down or smashing them against objects when they hang onto your car. Currency buys you upgrades - there's a sea of weapons and vehicles to purchase, but one thing that won't cost you a penny is the game itself: it's free for both Android and iOS.

Mutant Roadkill is available on App Store and Google Play: screens from the Samsung Galaxy Note version.

Flick Champion: World

Flick Champion offers everything for the Olympics-happy player. There are races, javelin, swimming, synchronized swimming, handball, shot put, kayaking, rowing and volleyball. And everything is controlled with simple strokes or pressured taps. It works perfectly... except for multiplayer.

Some sports do not accept multitouch, which means that two players can not compete on the same screen, despite the fact that the buttons are there. It is obviously a mistake that we can expect updated. So if you're buying for multiplayer, wait for the fault corrected. If you want simple fun sports game for one player, you may quietly press 'purchase'.

Flick Champion: World is available App Store: screens from the Pad version.

Retro Athletics

Android owners also have a good reason to enjoy themselves with the Olympic games. Besides the Official London 2012 Games (which funnily enough is called London 2012 - Official Game), there is one that certainly attracts old retro-freaks. Retro Athletics offers virtual button-mashing and glorious pixelated characters in all the usual sports. It has a small advertisement at the top, but is free to download and fun to play.

Retro Athletics available on Google Play.: screens from the Samsung Galaxy Note version.