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Top 7 GRTV Shows of July

Some of the best shows GRTV had to offer over the last month.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

As we reach the end of July we thought we'd compile a list of the most memorable shows to grace GRTV during the month. Filmed in London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Malmö (Sweden), these shows represent the broad video coverage we aim to bring our readers (or viewers if you will).

The idea was to pick some shows you may have overlooked, some that were truly epic in scope, and some that were just plain fun.

7. Human Element
Robert Bowling (Robotoki)
Filmed: Gamelab, Barcelona June/July
Published: July 18

Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward to found Robotoki after Modern Warfare 3 was finished, and his vision for Human Element has us excited even if the main experience isn't planned for release until 2015. In this interview, filmed in Barcelona, Bowling goes on to give us some real world examples of how players in Human Element can assist each other, play together, and yet have completely different experiences and inputs.

6. Blind Monk
Christian Andersen and Toke Brorson Odin (game designers)
Filmed: Nordic Game, Malmö (Nordic Indie Night) June
Published: July 16

One of the eight finalists in the Nordic Indie Sensation competition was a strange prototype for the iPhone. Entitled Blind Monk you are playing as exactly that - a blind monk - trying to navigate a level with obstacles and enemies with just sound to aid you. It's different, and it works surprisingly well even if you must "unlearn what you have learned" as Yoda would put it.

5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Enric Alvarez, Dave Cox (Mercury Steam)
Filmed: E3, Los Angeles(Konami booth) June
Published: July 11

Interview slots are hard to come by at E3, everyone is clawing and fighting to get a few minutes of face time with the most illustrous game creators the world has to offer. As such we went into the session for Castlevania at Konami's stand with the knowledge that there would be a couple of other media outlets crowding us for the session, as luck would have it they didn't have too many questions and we were left with this hefty interview on where the Lords of Shadow is heading next.


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