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GOTY 2015: Studio

Honouring the teams behind this year's most exciting new releases.

  • Text: Gamereactor Staff

Honourable Mentions

Halo is a big-name game whose fans are among the most demanding of all. To see 343i win over these hearts and minds with one of the greatest multiplayer arenas on the planet feels momentous. With 343i, the brightest possible future for Halo is assured.
It points to the craftsmanship of this Parisian studio that its output includes both Remember Me and Life is Strange; two vastly different experiences, albeit both with strong narratives. Looking to discuss games as art? Dontnod is a great place to start.
With branches in Seattle and Kyoto, 17-Bit's secret sauce is a true international ID that permeates its titles. Skulls of the Shogun and Galak-Z are steeped in Japanese culture, served as irresistible to Western audiences. It's awesome to behold.
Founded in 2009, this fledgling Finnish studio came to prominence this year with Cities: Skylines, an extraordinarily elegant construction built upon the foundations of Sim City. Strategy gamers are a tough crowd, but CO has earned their full attention.
This year, Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide proved how efficiently Swedish studio Fatshark deals with a major-league license. Which is exactly the approach required when piecing together a strategic co-op shooter of any premise. Nailed it, 100%.
Among the development studios carrying the Call of Duty franchise forward, Treyarch knows it best of all. With Black Ops 3, the team hit the ball right out of the park and you can still hear it whistling. This is the kind of effort deserving of a 21-gun salute.
The constant endeavour behind closed doors at Nintendo remains endlessly inspiring to the rest of the games development world. Titles such as Splatoon and Super Mario Maker are examples of the forward-looking attitude that has quietly sustained gaming for decades.