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GOTY 2015: Online Multiplayer

We take a look at some of the year's finest online experiences.

  • Text: Gamereactor Staff

Honourable Mentions

Though Destiny's greatest strength is its team-oriented PvE, its super-powered PvP modes echo Halo at its best. Subclass abilities make the playingfield unbalanced at times but they remain strategically exciting. Sports mode Rift is hugely exhilarating.
Taking to the battlefield as a Stormtrooper or Rebel while TIE-Fighters and X-Wings scream in the skies above is surely the magical experience we all sought. By providing the complete toy box, DICE has set the stage for endless memorable encounters in Star Wars Battlefront.
Splatoon is a shooter that embraces the slapstick silliness of a kids' TV quiz show and the what-just-happened hilarity that only video games can bring to the screen. The 4v4 matches involve making a huge colourful mess while competing, which is simply joyous.
The celebrated Left 4 Dead co-op formula is a perfect fit for the Warhammer: End Times setting, where the dreaded Skaven deserve shooting just as much as zombies. Four-man fireteams take a variety of cool weapons into the well-designed maps.
A staple of the eSports circuit, Starcraft II's multiplayer credentials need no introduction. With Legacy of the Void, Blizzard essentially makes it so much easier for players to find games and team up.
Outstanding area traversal capability and necessity for team communication make for breathless encounters in this brave release from Ubisoft. "They're coming through the windows!", "Heard at least one of them upstairs!" There's nothing else like Rainbow Six: Siege.
Giant monsters and a 4v1 setup that had players working together like never before, Evolve was a breath of fresh air when it landed earlier this year.