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Gamereactor UK

Mobile Weekly

We're back with another jam-packed feature detailing the best titles available right now for your mobile device.

  • Text: Lee West

We've been browsing Google Play and the App Store to find out what's worth the cash and download - be they new games or older titles we still haven't been able to put down since release.

Titles are tested on the new iPad for iOS, while Android games are tested on the Samsung Galaxy Note.


Do you remember the classic movie Wargames? Now it has ended up as a puzzle game, and surprisingly captures the history, excitement and charm of the movie perfectly. There's plenty to tickle the nostalgia bones: as you meet all the characters from the film and the title captures the original look of the movie. Puzzle mechanics are fantastic, there are power-ups, special moves, good variety and lots of strategy across the multiple stages. And it's damn addictive. Buy it!

CS Portable

CS stands for Critical Strike - and it's easy to see the connection with another similarly-named title. And that's why it makes it easy to recommend: not only is it Counter-Strike, but it is also free. There are mods, bots, single and multiplayer. The mobile version runs perfectly, and the only criticism is the microscopic text on menus. But if you can live with that, you should download this. Did we mention it was free?

Asphalt 7

The Asphalt Series is back. And as 7 brings with it refined visuals overlaid on the arcade-style racing, it makes for an easy recommendation. It comes in both classic and new tracks and locations stretch from Hawaii, to Shanghai, to the streets of London. There's plenty of rides from renowned car manufacturers and the game supports both single and multiplayer.


Astronot is quirky. Old-school pixel ugly with a cracking soundtrack. Yet it's a complete metroidvania experience filled with enemies, huge levels and a smattering of puzzles. If you can't get enough of the old days, you may find good company with the little square astronaut.

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a pure arcade shooter from the people behind Shadowgun. It's just like revisiting Call of Duty Zombies just with more bling and more blood, and is easily one of the most beautiful game on Android and iOS.

You can upgrade your weapons and there are tons of stages and more brain-dead enemies than you can count. Note that unless you want to grind, you'll need to spend a bit of cash on in-game weaponry, but it's still not much more than the price of a cheeseburger from McDonalds. It's arguably more tech demo than fully-fleshed title, but if you're into solid shooting experiences you could do far worse.