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What's new on iOS

Lee West has taken it upon himself to guide us past the pitfalls of AppStore.

  • Text: Lee West

There is an ocean full of of potential time thieves on AppStore and we thought we'd guide you through the latest offerings on iPhone and iPad.

Hot Stuff

Speedway Racers
If you enjoying humming along to the Daaaaaayyyyytoooonnnnnaaa USA theme from one of the most adrenaline filled racers of the 90's you're likely to be excited about this game - a Daytona for your pocket if you will. Five courses (with reversed versions available), three cars, a career mode is what's on offer. The controls are really well made, unfortunately the physics are less arcade-like than in the obvious inspiration. But it still comes a long way on nostalgia and the online mode.

Speedway Racers - link

N.O.V.A. 3
Perhaps the biggest recent release - N.O.V.A. 3 combines a solid singleplayer with a radical multiplayer component. We've spent a large portion of the last week enjoying the multiplayer, and if you've got an inclination for deathmatches you should go ahead and pick this one up straight away.

N.O.V.A. 3 - link

Penny Time
This is another entry in the "endless runner" genre with the exception of a few vital details. For one it isn't endless, and reminds us more of Mirror's Edge on iOS than your typical one button runner. You swipe your finger up, down, or sideways to the beat of the music in order to avoid all sorts of colourful obstacles. The music is awesome, the design very unique, and the game is perfect for when you just got a short amount of time to play.

Penny Time - link

Dreamworks Dragons: TapDragonsTap
If you love physics puzzlers where things needs to be balanced, obstacles overcome, and move objects to reach your objective, you will no doubt love Dreamworks Dragons. Sitting on the back of your dragon you need to guide a bunch of sheep to safety through numerous treacherous hazards. It could easily have been a cheap licensed piece of crap, but as it stands it's a decent modernisation of Lemmings.

Dreamworks Dragons: TapDragonsTap - link

The Bluecoats: North vs South

Do you remember North & South? If so you're probably old just like us, and you probably still treasure memories of a grey computer called Commodore 64. Now you can relive the good old days with a simple turn based strategy game. It's entertaining, beautiful and simple, and perhaps just a little too barren for modern tastes.

The Bluecoats: North vs South - link