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Gamereactor UK

Gadget Show Live: Gaming Guide

Gadget Show Live, the TV program's yearly exhibition of all things high-tech - including gaming - is in full swing at NEC Birmingham. If you're heading along this weekend (or are curious about what's on) here's what's on show.

Trade Hall 9

The Show takes up several halls of Birmingham's NEC, and even with huge walkways, it's likely to be rammed over this weekend. While it mixes the latest tech in the fields of photography, PCs, driving and everything in-between, if you're looking for the video-games contribution, you'll need to swing down to Hall 9, where the Game Section sprawls over half the space.

The game section occupies the front section as you pass between the divide of Halls 8 and 9 - note we were there on the Trade-Only day this week - hence the lack of bodies!

Something For All

As you'd expect from a series that covers a wide range of products, even the Game Section is a cocktail of delights. While the current gen of games are represented by sizeable stands from Microsoft, 2K, Codemasters and more, there's contributions from PC hardware designers, arcade cabinet manufacturers, retro enthusiasts, audio specialists - all of whom have products on sale with mark-downs exclusive to the show floor.

From blinged out Alienware laptops to AC/DC inspired Pinball machines - there's plenty to get your hands on.
The section hosts both retro-styled classics with arcade cabinets [left], and EA's current crop of big hitters [right]

Racing Specials

You'll find them in the games section, but a surprising number of other booths dotted through the show also carry racing setups to demo equipment. Car fans can try race tracks while strapped in to rumbling chairs, Formula 1 car replicas, three-screen setups and of course, 3D TVs.

Buried in Hall 8 is a replica F1 car on LG's stand, letting you try out Codemasters F1 title in a way that's much closer to the real thing.
But LG aren't the only ones with racing setups: vibrating chairs, three-way screens and more expensive racing setups are dotted throughout the showfloor.
Turtle Beach used the racing setup to show off their new headset range [left], while Codemasters brought the destruction with them in the Dirt Showdown stand.

Community Property

Hands-on is the order of the day, as all the game stands have titles up and running for you to try out. While some pods are running titles you've already played before, it's worth sitting in on Epic's talk about Unreal technology, and have a nosy at the ongoing Indigo Jam as games are developed before your very eyes.

Stands invite you to try out their wares - be it testing your swinging prowess in Tiger Woods, or Epic's involvement with the Indigo Jam [above]

Turtle Beach

Located directly behind the Spec-Ops stand as you enter the hall is Turtle Beach's setup. The headset specialist has rigged up a wide range of titles to showcase its different products with Ridge Racer Unbounded, Street Fighter x Tekken and Soul Calibur V all present with different tiers of headsets connected. Pride of place though is the two four-unit mini-theatres bookending the stand, one of which offers hands-on with the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2. As with other retailers, Turtle Beach has show-price sales on its products.

Turtle Beach's stand includes the latest titles from both Capcom and Namco Bandai to try out their headsets with...
...which come in multiple flavours and pricing [left], but booths like The Witcher 2 [right] let you see which works for you.


Of course, even a tech-heavy show has a few oddities. While we spotted a mini-Robot Wars-style tournament going on in one stand, and a Power Drill salesman chewing through everything that was put in front of him at another, it was oddball stuff like this - a fish tank/dining table combo, that makes it worth exploring the entire show floor while you're there (we assume they weren't serving sushi).

Stare at the tank. Lose yourself in the fish tank...the Show also caters for random bits of tech and household wares - the fish tank dinning table caught our eye.