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Gamereactor UK

Digital Frontier #3

Once again we dive into AppStore to find the best games for iOS.

  • Text: Lee West

Lots of great iOS titles have been released this month so Lee has been very busy on the final... ermm, digital frontier.

Frederic: Resurrection of Music
Price: £2.49

Imagine you're playing a stylised cartoon while the gameplay is basically Guitar Hero to the music of Chopin. That's what Frederic: Resurrection of Music is. Over the course of nine melodies you get to experience Chopin's life story. The famous compositions have been mixed with various styles and the end result is surprisingly good. This is my iOS game of the month.

Woody Woodpecker
Price: 69p

Good old Woody is back. And his return is triumphant. This is yet another one button platformer in the vein of Tiny Wings and you complete courses as fast as you can and compete online with other players and lots of other famous cartoon characters.

Star Marine Infinite Ammo
Price: £1.49

Do you remember the old Contra games? In this game you jump and gun your way through a bunch of retro scenting arcade levels. Great graphics, and well crafted audio, but unfortunately the controls aren't ideal as you cannot move or adjust the joypad. If you're longing for a bit of a trip down the shooting memory lane, then you should give it a try.

Gather Gems
Price: 69p

Hold on to your horses! A game with different coloured balls? And physics based puzzles? What a rare find on AppStore. Well, as you can imagine my expectations weren't sky high as I started playing, but great one touch controls and pool-like mechanics makes this a game that really captures you. It's addictive and the perfect travel mate.

Soul Calibur
Price: £10.49

In almost every way imaginable SoulCalibur feels like a full on version of the classic Dreamcast title (even better looking with higher resolution textures). There are 19 playable characters with alternative costumes, and the typical arcade mode that can be set to different difficulties, number of lives and so on. Time Attack let's you beat the game as fast as possible so you can post your best on the Game Center leaderboards. Survival sends a waves of enemies your way as you try and survive for as long as possible. Extra Survival gives you only one chance as you die with the first hit. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer, but if you want a great singleplayer fighting experience this one is for you.