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10 PS Vita Must Buys

With the launch of any new console comes the crucial question: what to buy alongside it? While PS Vita's got a healthy line-up, here are the titles you shouldn't be without - with an bank-friendly entry price.

  • Text: Lee West

You're already checking where best to buy your console, exclaimed at the exorbitant price of memory cards. But what games will make your Vita experience complete?

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Definite contender for essential purchase with your machine. While Bend mightn't be as good at storytelling as Naughty Dog, the game mechanics for this handheld version feel just right. This isn't the discount version that might have been expected, but a high-caliber action adventure.

Buy it because you want to show what lies beneath the hood of your Vita.

WipeOut 2048:

The racing champion that accelerates past all competitors. Yes, load times are inexcusably horrible, but the sensation of speed and track designs are top notch. It's WipEout in your pocket: what more do you need to know?

Buy it if you have missed wow-experience of the past WipeOut releases.

Pac-Man: Championship Edition

Remember, your PS Vita can play PSP games and Minis. Pac Man is the perfect game to just kill a few minutes - or hours, and at under a tenner won't break the bank. The neon-plated courses have never looked so good as on Vita's screen.

Buy it to get one of the best updates of an arcade classic for cheap.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Capcom is the master of the fighting genre, and its most perplexing series is back in full vigor. It is packed with game characters and offers great online functionality. The colours pop off the screen, and a more balanced gameplay makes this a good purchase if you can live with full-screen explosions, crazy whims and three-man tag-teams.

Buy it if you want the machine's best and most enjoyable fighting game.

SEGA Mega Drive Collection

Nearly thirty games on the cheap almost sounds too good to be true. This PSP game collection has a list that is bursting with classics. Sonic The Hedgehog 1 +2, VectorMan 2, Alex Kidd, Columns, Golden Axe 1 +2 +3, Shinobi III, Altered Beast amongst them, and the PS Vita's excellent analog stick is like having an arcade hall from eighties in one's pocket.

Buy it and get a host of portable arcade classics without sacrificing control.