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PS Vita: Buyer's Guide

Pre-order your copy today. The cheapest consoles and the best bundles.

The PS Vita hits stores this week. Whilst we will have to wait until Wednesday to see what the prices are going to be on the High Street, you can still pre-order the Vita from a wide range of online retailers. Here is a selection of pre-order deals currently available. is selling the basic Vita package for £212.99. For that price you'll also get a free 8GB memory card.

High street retailer GAME has a huge selection of deals on their website. A unit on its own well set you back a cool £229.99, and will only include wi-fi connectivity. The 3G version is on for £279.99.

To make things cheaper you can start bundling things together. Wipeout 2048, an 8GB memory card and a handheld will set you back £259.98. For an extra tenner you can make that game Uncharted: Golden Abyss or FIFA 12. Another £50 on top of any of these package deals and you get all the same stuff but your Vita will be 3G ready.

Gamestation has all the same prices, so feel free to shop here, if you so wish.

HMV are undercutting GAME by a fairly substantial £10. £219.99 will get you the basic wi-fi ready model, £269.99 gets you the 3G.

You can also pick up the PS Vita Accessory Starter Kit for £19.99 and an 8GB memory card will cost £29.99. They don't offer any bundle deals as of yet, but they do offer a pre-order pack which includes a £5 voucher, some headphones and a whole load of PlayStation Home stuff, which is worth bearing in mind.

Amazon is selling the unit for a very affordable £209.99. They'll also throw in an 8GB memory card and any of the Ubisoft launch titles (Rayman Origins, Dungeon Hunter, Asphalt Injection, Michael Jackson The Experience and Lumines) or Virtua Tennis 4 for £15. Click here to add it to your basket.

GameStop are charging £219.97 for the handheld. You can also visit the site and put together your own bundle. Their most attractive offer is £269.99 for the handheld, Uncharted and a 16GB memory card.

Argos are offering the basic package at £229.99. Tesco have an interesting offer; either FIFA 12 or Rayman Origins, a 4GB memory card and the wi-fi console for £249.99. ASDA are offering the console for a very competitive £219.00, and they're also prepared to offer you £100 off the Vita in exchange for your 3DS.

Sainsbury's has the 3G Vita at £279.99, but they will give you some Nectar Points with that.

There is such a huge range of deals available, that you're sure of getting the package you want. Whether you want 3GS or wi-fi, Uncharted or FIFA 12, 4GB or 16GB; everything you need to get going is right here. Happy shopping.

All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.