Helldivers II

Arrowhead CEO isn't happy with Helldivers II balance patches

Players have criticised the recent patches for taking away the fun of some weapons.

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Now that we're past the whole PSN debacle, Helldivers II players can go back to doing what they do best and that's complaining about how one of ten massive explosive weapons doesn't quite explode like it used to.

Only joking, of course. Players have critiqued some of Arrowhead's balance patches as prioritising balance over fun, which is something that CEO Johan Pilestedt can understand. Over on Twitter/X, he agreed that the team has gone too far in some areas.

"Yeah I think we've gone too far in some areas," he wrote. "Will talk to the team about the approach to balance. It feels like every time someone finds something fun, the fun is removed."

So that means that the Quasar Cannon could get good again in time, perhaps. It's tricky with Helldivers II, as players should feel like they are piddly, poorly prepared humans against armies of bots and bugs, but at the same time it's important that they also can do cool stuff.

What do you think of the balance changes to Helldivers II?

Helldivers II

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