Helldivers II

Arrowhead CEO celebrates Sony's change of stance on Steam in the most original way possible

Johan Pilestedt wants to turn the review bombing graph into a new cape for your Helldiver.

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That the video game industry is at a crossroads is something we practically mention every day with every news item about internal restructurings, layoffs and studio closures. The big companies (who provide and control the investment in the titles) are much more out of touch with the changing opinion of the community, and it is the independent studios that seem to have a better understanding of what gamers want to play, and how to deliver it to them. Larian is one of the leading exponents, as is Arrowhead Studios.

This morning saw a complete reversal of Sony's PC publishing policies thanks to Helldivers II. Arrowhead's game is not only a money-making machine as a live service, it's also one of the few titles today where they've managed to create a meta and in-game systems that make the model work and thrive. Last weekend's controversy almost wiped out the hard work of the past few months, but Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt has shown that he knows how to turn things around and get players back on his side.

What you can see in the image the developer has posted is the current updated graph of the negative reviews Helldivers 2 was accumulating on Steam, which Pilestedt plans to turn into a new cape (a purely cosmetic accessory) for players. Evidently, the proposal has been aclaimed (not without some jokes) by most of the community, and it seems that in no time Helldivers II will leave behind this dark weekend where tyranny almost defeated Super-Earth democracy.

Helldivers II

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