Solium Infernum
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Armello creators announce Solium Infernum reboot and we've got exclusive details

We talk with League of Geeks' Trent Kusters to learn more the "strategy game from hell" and its reimagining.

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At Gamescom a month ago we had a super-secret sneak peak at a very exciting, but still unannounced project. Now we can tell you it was Solium Infernum, the cult strategy classic that's now coming back from hell by Armello creators, League of Geeks. And other than seeing the game, with all its troops complexity and diplomacy intrigue, via a gameplay demo in Germany, we could also talk with director Trent Kusters, who was extremely excited to show the game for the first time.

"The original from 2009, developed by Vic Davis, has such an incredible place in our hearts", says Kusters about reimagining a classic, "and then 10 years later, when he rings up going like 'what's our next game going to be'... and he says what about Solium Infernum, what if we reboot that and give that League of Geeks spit and polish, giving our own vision to it, expanding upon it in a number of ways, tiding things up".


"You can immediately see the production values", the dev highlights first and foremost, "but one of the big things was the UX, so coming from the first game was, there's no tutorial, there's this brilliant manual but, you know, of how many pages long, and the UX was kind of cumbersome, so we actually have very talented UX and UI designers along with our game director and the lead designer like really come together and just overhaul it in a big way".

Play on the full interview to learn more on its lore (which is based on John Milton's Paradise Lost poem), the political aspects of its strategy ("how in 5 turns using no military manoeuvres I'm going to turn the tides of battle in my favour just using espionage, rituals..."), and more.

From the press release minutes ago:

"The Prince of Darkness has abandoned his Throne, and the great Archfiends of Hell now set wicked plans in motion to claim Pandaemonium's Infernal Throne. Outwit your rivals using deep systems to master devious political and military strategies. Kiss friendships goodbye as you bluff, backstab, and sow treachery and betrayal on the path to becoming Hell's new ruler".

The new Solium Infernum will include 1-6 player multiplayer ("which the original game didn't have") and will release on PC on a yet TBA date.

Solium InfernumSolium Infernum
Solium InfernumSolium InfernumSolium Infernum
Solium Infernum

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