Arma III

Arma III road map reveals plans for future DLC

After Apex, it seems Bohemia Interactive aren't done adding to Arma III.

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Bohemia Interactive have announced development plans for Arma III for the next year, giving a roadmap of planned DLC content as well as post-release updates.

Even after the Apex expansion was released this summer, players can expect more content to come to Arma III as Bohemia Interactive seek to improve content, optimise performance and support user-created content.

Five DLC packages are also scheduled, providing new game content and gameplay opportunities. There are as follows:

Arma III Jets DLC (Q1 2017 - ETA)
Arma III 'Orange' DLC (Q2 2017 - TBC)
Arma III Malden Free DLC (June 2017)
Arma III Tac-Ops DLC (Q3 2017 - TBC)
Arma III Tanks DLC (TBA)

Arma III's Creative Director Jay Crowe said: "The creation of a new roadmap always represents a splendid opportunity to reflect upon our past efforts and think carefully about new opportunities. Our third post-release roadmap aims to strike a balance between investing in the future, and serving the needs of the Arma 3 platform and playerbase with an ambitious line-up of new gameplay, features, and content".

Do you think these plans are enough to keep players interested in Arma III?

Arma III

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