Arma III

Arma 3 is running a free week right now

There are also discounts for the base game and its expansions too, including Contact and Apex.

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Bohemia Interactive has revealed that, as of right now, Arma 3 is running a free week on Steam, ending on January 19 at 10:00 PST (18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET), meaning players can enjoy Arma 3 for no charge via Steam.

There's a 70% discount on the base game if you wish to continue playing Arma 3, with a 66% discount on DLC packs and expansions until January 20 too. The complete Arma 3 Ultimate Edition, including Apex and Contact, has an extra 15% bundle discount alongside other price cuts as well.

Apex adds new weapons, vehicles, operations, and gear, while Contact adds a sci-fi campaign with aliens, so these are worth checking out if you enjoyed your time in Arma 3.

Apex content can be accessed during the free week, as well as The East Wind campaign and Apex Protocol co-op campaign. There's even a Prologue tutorial to learn the basics, if you're a newbie.

Will you try it out this week?

Arma III

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