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Arkane Studios Austin is working on a fantasy game

Considering the studio has been working on the title for a few years, an announcement shouldn't be too far off.

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A lot of people has wondered what Arkane Studios Austin is working on, as it's been very quiet since the release of Prey back in 2016. Some have assumed it would be a sequel, while rumours have pointed towards something brand new.

Now we've got a tiny hint thanks to the LinkedIn profile of Lisa Charriere, Senior VFX Artist at Arkane Studios Austin. She reveals that she is currently working on an "Unannounced project in Unreal 4 (fantasy)". The most interesting thing here is of course the last word, which clearly indicates that she is working on a fantasy title.

Arcane Studios Austin is likely only working on one game, and in previous job listings, they have asked for people who wants to work on "our next AAA title". Exactly what this fantasy AAA title is, remains to be seen, but as they have worked on it for a few years already, an announcement shouldn't be too far away.

As Arkane Studios was bought by Microsoft (they are a part of ZeniMax after all) last fall, we can safely assume the game will be released for PC and Xbox, and probably also be playable on xCloud for Android and hopefully iOS. Other formats remains to be seen.

Arkane Studios Austin is working on a fantasy game
Image from Prey.

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