Arkane: Deathloop has no New Game Plus as replayability is built into the game

It launches on May 21.

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For some people, it is really important that games have a New Game Plus to increase the longevity. But, the upcoming Deathloop has none of this, but maybe not for the reasons you would expect. In an interview with Game Informer, the game director Dinga Bakaba explains why there is no such thing as a New Game Plus in Deathloop:

"The reason is that we wanted the replayability to be built into the structure of the game. To an extent, you will be replaying those areas a lot, you can unlock everything... you cannot take everything with you at the same time. But it felt like making the campaign again while keeping your stuff, is... well, that's exactly what I was doing just before I finished the game."

Sounds good to us! Deathloop launches on May 21 for both PC and PS5, and is a one-year console timed-exclusive to the latter. Basically, don't expect this game on Xbox Series S/X (or Amazon Luna and Google Stadia) until late May 2022, even though Microsoft owns the developer since last month as it was a part of the Bethesda purchase.


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