ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is now enhanced for Xbox Series X

The updated version has 7x faster loading times and outputs in 4K 60fps.

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Xbox Series X is still 13 days away from launch, but this does not prevent Studio Wildcard from enhancing its immensely popular game Ark: Survival Evolved for the new console today. It has released a video that demonstrates what it has added to the game and also provided a list of all the changes, which you can find below the video.

To sum it up, we can look forward to settings higher than the PC version 4K output, 60 frames per second, and of course, way faster loading times. Don't forget that the Explorer's Edition of Ark: Survival Evolved is coming for Xbox Game Pass on November 17, something we previously reported about this week.


  • 4K Output at 30-60 FPS

  • Extreme Draw/LOD Distance (Higher than PC)

  • Extreme Level Streaming Distance (Higher than PC)

  • Epic Sky & Atmospherics Quality

  • Epic Subsurface Scattering Quality

  • Infinite-Range High Precision Screen Space - Ambient Occlusion

  • Max Texture Resolution

  • 16x Anisotropic Filtering

  • Infinite-Range Distance Field Shadows

  • Terrain Self-Shadowing

  • Epic Dynamic Shadow Quality

  • Epic Ground Clutter Distance

  • High-Precision HDR Output

  • Epic Postprocessing Quality

  • Tetherless Non-Dedicated Hosting

  • Tetherless Splitscreen

  • 100-player Dedicated Server Hostin

  • Splitscreen Multiplayer uses Epic Graphics Settings

  • 7x Faster Loading

ARK: Survival Evolved

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