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ARK: Survival Ascended

ARK: Survival Ascended no longer includes ARK 2, gets an increased price point

Fans aren't happy, to say the least.

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ARK: Survival Ascended - the remaster of the original game ARK: Survival Evolved - has increased its price point from $50 to $60, and will no longer include ARK 2. Instead, it'll pack in all the DLCs that are set to release with the updated version of the game.

ARK: Survival Ascended will give players updated visuals, animal pathing, and some major changes to gameplay, but it is oddly set at a price point you'd expect from a remaster of a game that was more than 8 years old. What makes it more confusing is that ARK: Survival Evolved is still playable and is enjoyed by lots of players.

However, the team behind ARK has made the decision to sunset the initial version of the game. It'll still be playable, but won't be getting any attention from the team. The whole community post can be read here, along with the unhappy fan reactions.

What do you think of this decision?

ARK: Survival Ascended

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