Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray becomes a member of FaZe Clan

The former No.1 draft pick has joined the esports organisation.

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The former No.1 overall draft pick in the NFL and the current Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has joined with FaZe Clan to become a member of the organisation. It was first announced in a short video over Twitter, where FaZe owner Richard "Banks" Bengston interrupts the NFL draft and instead drafts Murray to the organisation.

Murray is said to take on the name of FaZe K1 under the organisation, and is reported by The Esports Observer to be in the process of investing in the esports team. To mark the signing, FaZe Clan is also launching a limited line of apparel that features t-shirts and hoodies, each of which have K1 brandings. They are expected to become available starting from Thursday.

Murray is known for being an avid fan of video games, and even competed in the recent online NFL Pro Bowl played over Madden NFL 21. Whether Murray starts to show more of a presence on Twitch or another streaming platform as part of the signing remains unclear.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray becomes a member of FaZe Clan
FaZe Clan

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