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Areal creators reveal themselves after Kickstarter criticism

Trailer featuring the developers and recent statement explains West Games' position.

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Areal is a game that's currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign, however it's one where the title (billed as the definitive spiritual successor to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) has come under intense scrutiny and some very public accusations of fraud aimed at the game's creators, West Games (head here and then here if you want to catch up on what's happened so far).

The latest developments surrounding controversial crowd-funding campaign include a trailer (attached below) where some of the developers reveal themselves in the hopes of convincing the gaming world that they are in fact real, and a statement (sent to VG247) that outlines their situation and intent moving forward.


West Games' Eugene Kim made the following statement that was published earlier today:

Almost immediately after we launched on Kickstarter however, Misery LTD and Vostok Games started accusing us of fraud and of being scammers. Misery LTD in particular has aggressively perpetuated this fallacy.

We contacted an official representative of Vostok Games about their comments and they replied that they do not have any legal accusations against us and do not have any allegations of fraud against us. The forum topic on Vostok Games, wherein a moderator accused us, among other things, of not being former GSC employees has since been deleted.

Misery LTD has actively been spreading misinformation and outright lies. They have hijacked our Kickstarter comments section by posting under various aliases and promoting their own post apocalyptic video game, called Project Seed. They have even posted a whole page on their website claiming that we are not who we say we are and are scammers. We have posted a video of our team in the updates section to disprove that.

It's very hard to see people associated with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise perpetuating lies and biased misinformation, with the purpose of attracting people to their own post apocalyptic video games. It's even harder for us to see that misinformation posted as fact.

People are even mad that we are releasing on consoles in addition to PC (PS4, Xbox One and Wii U). All that we really want to do is make Areal an awesome game, and we know that we can do it because of our past experience in the video game industry.


So, there you have it, another chapter in this ongoing saga. We're still actually no wiser as to whether this is a genuine Kickstarter project as the studio says (it's still managing to attract funding, despite the furore), or whether this is exactly what it is being accused of being, a scam. We'll keep digging and let you know more when we find out.

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