Are we finally getting SNES games on Nintendo Switch?

A new FCC filing indicates that Nintendo is about to release a SNES controller for the hybrid console, and that might mean some other dreams will come true.

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Shortly after announcing that Nintendo Switch Online would let us play NES games on the hybrid console last year, Nintendo also revealed that we'd be able to buy wireless NES controllers to take the nostalgia to its maximum. That's why today's finding is especially interesting.

ResetEra member Link83 noticed a new FCC filing for something that seems like a SNES controller for Nintendo Switch. This isn't just one of those trademarks that usually don't make it to market either, but one that is required for the product to be sold in the United States.

Some of us have fond memories of playing with the SNES controller, so just getting that sounds good, but we're willing to bet that Nintendo won't just release this on any given Thursday. As we wrote at the start, the NES controller was released in conjunction with NES games becoming playable on the Switch. Could this mean that the teases of SNES games on the horizon are finally about to become reality? We'll know soon enough judging by the filing.

Which SNES games would you potentially like to see make their way to the Switch first?

Are we finally getting SNES games on Nintendo Switch?

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