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Are the Fantastic Four coming to Spider-Man?

A new tweet posted by Marvel Games seems to offer some clues about the possible introduction of the fantastic foursome.

Yesterday it was revealed that Spider-Man was the most successful game sold on PlayStation 4 during the holidays, which, in part thanks to the PlayStation 4 bundle it was a part of, has meant that the game has managed to reach 9 million copies sold in just a few months. Well, it seems that there is important news coming that should keep all those new players and Spidey fans busy.

At the end of a livestream dedicated to the Fantastic Four which took place last night, Marvel Games' official Twitter account shared the following: "And for our final #FantasticFourWeek livestream announcement... something "fantastic" is coming to Marvel's Spider-Man! Any guesses? #SpiderManPS4 @insomniacgames @PlayStation".

Insomniac Games shared the tweet immediately, without adding further comment. However, everything seems to point to the fact that the legendary Fantastic Four is coming in the game, and now we're just waiting on some sort of official confirmation.

Would you like to see the Fantastic Four in Insomniac's Spider-Man?


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