Arcane (Netflix)

Arcane Season 2 won't be coming out this year

While the show is making good progress, Riot isn't ready to release it just yet.

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Arcane's second season won't be coming out this year, according to Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent, and it won't be around until at least 2024.

In an interview with League of Legends caster Guan Ze Yuan, Laurent said that there are a couple of reasons why we won't see the show this year. "I just watched the third episode of season two before my flight," he said. "It is not ready yet and there's two reasons for that. One, you want the quality. We just don't want to rush. That takes time. So that's the good reason. The bad reason is, honestly, we didn't know if season one was gonna be a success, so we didn't start season two until after."

"We kind of waited a bit, and so now we're paying the price. So, unfortunately, not gonna be this year."

This will be quite the blow to fans of Riot's animated series, but it's good to know the company is focusing on the quality of Season 2 rather than just rushing it out.

What are you hoping to see in Arcane Season 2?

Arcane (Netflix)

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