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We Happy Few

Arcade Mode lands today for We Happy Few

Actually, there are three new ways to play Compulsion's game, with a trio of game modes dropping with the latest update.

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We Happy Few launched last August and since then some of the team at Compulsion Games have been working on new features and quality of life improvements for the game set in an alternate version of 1960's England.

While we wait on season pass content, the latest fruits of their labour have today been revealed as Update 1.7 and, more specifically, Arcade Mode, a patch that includes three new ways to play the game.

The studio also promised that more news regarding the game's season pass content is on the way soon. In the meantime, details on all three new games modes can be found below.


Survival is a return to the Early Access survival experience, designed for those of you who enjoyed the survival experience in the past. You will need to hunt for food, water and shelter, and you'll need to use all of the stealth, crafting, and combat skills at your disposal to last as long as you can in Wellington Wells.

Night's Watch

Night's Watch brings to life one of the most requested characters by the community, allowing you to play as the most notorious Bobby, Constable Constable. As a constable, and a man of high duty, you'll need to keep all the filthy Downers out of town through fast paced combat while making sure you do not run out of Joy.


Sandbox is a non-narrative/non-goal based game mode, which allows you to experiment with world generation systems and gameplay options. This isn't a skill based mode rather than a calmer experience, designed for players who want the freedom to create their own version Wellington Wells.

We Happy Few

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