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Aragami "really easy to move, to translate into VR"

We spoke to David León Molero at Gamelab.

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Aragami was being shown off in VR as part of a prototype at this year's Gamelab in Barcelona, and we caught up with Lince Works' CEO David León Molero to talk about the project's origins, why it works in virtual reality, and what exactly they were showing off at the event.

"One of the things that we wanted to do is start doing smaller projects, experimental projects in the company, to keep at the same time as some other big projects, and it makes sense for us to work on a VR project in the Aragami IP because Aragami is really easy to move, to translate into VR, because the main mechanic is teleporting between the shadows and in VR it's really easy to let yourself do these kinds of movement schemes," Molero told us. "So this is just a demo prototype done in three months [...] but it looks like people are liking the game. It's been a success in terms of prototyping it, and we aim to launch it probably as a full game next year."

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