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Aquarium fish took control of owner's Nintendo account

It's the aquatic heist of the century.

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Yes, you read that right, a bunch of aquarium fish have actually managed to hijack their owner's user account on his Switch, although at first glance the whole thing might seem a bit fishy. It involves the relatively popular YouTube channel Mutekimaru, where fish play games through an advanced system of motion sensors, and where the owner took a seven-hour break to rest.

When he woke up, he was horrified to find how the fish had somehow managed to not only change the name of the account twice, but also register a new Paypal account, email and finally transfer roughly €4 to the owner's Nintendo account - all followed by a live audience. Following the incident, Mutekimaru has contacted Nintendo to get his hard-earned money back.

Aquarium fish took control of owner's Nintendo account

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