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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Apxvoid disqualified from Hearthstone Americas Winter Playoffs

He has since released a statement on the situation accepting the decision, although questions his place in the community.

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A violation of tournament rules has meant that Hearthstone player Jacob 'Apxvoid' Coen of the Pittsburgh Knights has been disqualified for cheating during round seven of the Americas Winter playoffs this month.

Although little was posted by the tournament officials, the player was said to have violated rule 7.11a for general cheating, and was banned following an investigation carried out by on-site admin staff. Interviews with other players were held to determine the series of events and how they played out.

On Twitter Apxvoid posted his own explanation of what happened, including a step-by-step report of how and why he was disqualified. Although it is only his side of the story, currently it's the only report posted that explains the situation beyond Hearthstone's official violation note. It is a balanced statement from the pro player, who takes full responsibility for the events.

"I was never trying to gain a competitive advantage since the question wasn't relevant to any game in particular as it was typed in the deck select screen, but even though I didn't realise exactly what I was doing at the time, I still broke the rules so I accept the disqualification," he writes.

Following these events, Apxvoid went on to question his place in the Hearthstone community and whether he deemed it right to carry on as a pro player. In response to his post, he gained good support from his followers and other members of the community, helping settle his situation and make him feel like it's worth continuing. He has streamed since, claiming he has felt a lot better about the situation in the following days.

The Hearthstone Winter playoffs continue on January 26, as the Asia-Pacific region gets underway.

What do you make of this whole situation?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Photo: Pittsburgh Knights

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