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Tower of Guns

April's titles on PS Plus revealed

Tower of Guns, Dishonored and Killzone: Mercenary are just a part of this month's offering.

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Sony has announced on the PlayStation Blog what free games PS Plus subscribers are getting this month. There's the new release Tower of Guns on PS4 and perhaps the most high profile game is Dishonored that will be free for PS3 owners.

New games will be available on April 8, so if you haven't already done so pick up last month's games. Check full lists of arriving and leaving games from under the picture.

Tower of Guns

Leaving PS Plus:
8th April: Oddworld: New ‘n' Tasty
8th April: Valiant Hearts
8th April: Papo and Yo
8th April: Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments
8th April: OlliOlli2 Welcome to Olliwood
8th April: CounterSpy

Entering PS Plus:
8th April: Tower of Guns (PS4/PS3)
8th April: Never Alone (PS4)
8th April: Dishonored (PS3)
8th April: Aaru's Awakening (PS4/PS3)
8th April: Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita)
8th April: MonsterBag (PS Vita)

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