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Apple will be spending $1 billion a year bringing films to cinemas

The tech giant will be looking to conquer Hollywood as well.

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Apple has slowly been upping its entertainment efforts ever since it launched its streaming service Apple TV+. The tech giant has brought on countless A-list actors to star in a variety of movies and shows over the years, with many of the former even getting theatrical runs as well.

Building on this, Apple is looking to really double-down on its theatrical efforts, as Bloomberg has now reported that Apple intends to spend $1 billion a year producing movies that will also debut in cinemas around the world.

This move is apparently to bolster its standing in Hollywood, and to lure more subscribers to pick up and use its streaming service, and will likely be kicked into effect with Martin Scorsese's next directorial effort which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Killers of the Flower Moon.

Apple will be spending  billion a year bringing films to cinemas

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