Apple unveils the M2 generation

MacBook Air will be the first machine to get the new chip.

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Most established insiders had pointed out that WWDC would be the place for Apple to finally unveil the next generation of their very own chips, and indeed - M2 has landed.

Like the M1, the M2 uses Apple's own custom ARM setup, and is now built with a 5nm processor with 20 billion transistors, which is 25% more than the M1. Apple promises an 18% faster CPU and a 35% faster GPU compared to the M1.

They also say it's 1.9 times faster than the "latest 10-core PC laptop chip", which comes from a 100Gbps memory bandwidth and 24GB of unified RAM, which is 50% more bandwidth than the M1.

The M2 uses four performance-oriented cores, and four "efficiency" cores (as we know from Intel's Alder Lake), with shared 16MB cache on one set, and 4MB on the other. The first machine to get M2 will be the new MacBook Air.

Apple unveils the M2 generation
Apple unveils the M2 generation

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