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Apple set to acquire NextVR

The virtual event company has joined the Apple family as it looks to strengthen its AR plans.

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While Apple has been talking about augmented reality for some time, not much is known about the company's efforts beyond the creation of the ARkit, however, 9to5Mac has learned that Orange County company NextVR, which mostly deals with the streaming of live events, will be bought by Apple for around $100 million.

What the company normally does is turning live events into VR experiences for people to enjoy via headsets from different companies, such as Sony, HTC, Oculus and Microsoft.

9to5Mac speculates that what Apple really wants is the patented upscaling technology, with NextVR in possession of more than 40 patents.

NextVR had a 40% staff reduction last year due to lack of funding, despite counting the NBA, Wimbledon and live music events amongst its customers. Apple is expected to take on most of the staff that worked on the project.

Apple set to acquire NextVR

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