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Pretty much the same price and lots of new features.

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Using the Apple Pencil range has been a bit confusing over the past few years. As the existing iPad line-up grew larger and more diverse, it suddenly became difficult to know which Apple Pencil to buy and what compromises were associated with choosing a cheaper model.

Fortunately, in this particular case, the "Pro" name can be quite guiding, because if you own either an M4-equipped iPad Pro, or an M2-equipped Air (it can't be used on an M2-equipped Pro - how crazy is that?), and are serious about Pencil usage, there are enough features here to justify a slightly higher price.

However, let's start with a pretty crucial caveat. Apple has been pretty good at creating an instant distinction between their Pro and non-Pro products in the past, but it's nowhere to be found here. It could have been a different colour, like the one offered on the more expensive MacBook Pro variants? But no, it looks like a regular Pencil, and it's only the text on the side that reveals that something is going on.

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Apple Pencil Pro

That said, there are a number of unique features here. The new Squeeze feature is pretty key, allowing you to lightly squeeze the Pencil Pro and then bring up contextual information on your iPad. It can be something as simple as colour, brush size or tool, but it saves time and theoretically allows individual apps to use Squeeze in the way they think their users will prefer.

There is also now a built-in gyroscope that allows Pencil Pro to account for rotations in a more granular way. For example, if you draw a wide line and slightly rotate the pen, the actual appearance of the given line will take shape accordingly. In addition, there is a double tap that, by gently touching the Pencil Pro twice with your index finger, you can also switch between pencil and eraser. And there's also a haptic engine that can clearly indicate if this function has been activated.

The strange thing is that the price is about the same as an Apple Pencil 2. You'll have to pay £130, so if you've bought a newer iPad, you really do get more features for the same money. Yes, you can also spend half as much on an Apple Pencil USB-C, but you're sacrificing a lot.

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Apple Pencil Pro

It would have been better if the eraser was at the top. It's a feature users have been asking for for years, but Apple has stubbornly chosen to ignore these requests. The move to a "Pro" edition would have been a great excuse to fulfil the request, and it's conspicuous by its absence, I must say.

Otherwise, it's hard to find something to complain about, it really is. Same money, lots of new features and the same pressure sensitivity, magnetic charging, hover function and Find My functionality. Well done.

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