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Apple: "New Ipad Pro is as powerful as the Xbox One S"

The new A12 chip powers the most capable iPad yet.

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Yikes! During last night's Apple keynote, company CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to present the close to bevel-less, homebutton-free and surprisingly powerful Ipad Pro (2018). The new tablet is based on the brand new A12-chip and apparently boasts processing power equal to that of the Xbox One S. This is what Apple stated on stage last night:

"To put it another way, the iPad Pro delivers Xbox One S-class graphics performance in a product that's 94 percent smaller. And there's no AC cord required."

Xbox boss Phil Spencer responded to the claim via Twitter, where he wrote: "I liked the reference to XB1S in the announce, Apple stepping up the iPad Pro for some great Xbox to iPad cross-play matches, nice."

The new iPad Pro is priced at $799 or the 11-inch model, and $999 for the 12.9-inch edition.

Apple: "New Ipad Pro is as powerful as the Xbox One S"

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