Apple MacBook Air 15

A simple screen size increase does a lot for the classic Air.

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Apple has embraced the whole idea of what Mac should be differently over the last five years, and both with Mac and with many of their other product categories, it has been defined by giving consumers what they want without necessarily making it more of a hassle than it needs to be.

The latest MacBook Pro design is certainly a testament to this, as is the Pro Display XDR and HomePod Mini. Consumers have long asked for the ability to get a larger display without paying the many, many, many thousands of dollars it costs to get their hands on a MacBook Pro 16. "Okay", Apple said - here's a 15-inch version of the existing MacBook Air design.

And that's exactly what it is. There are the same four colours, the same M2 chip (which we touched on earlier), the same core Liquid Retinal display in 15.3 inches, which is 2880x1864 with a ppi of 224 (which is roughly the same as offered in the smaller 13-inch), and roughly the same battery life of about 18 hours of media playback.

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MacBook Air 15

Some might have hoped for a longer battery life than the smaller model. This makes sense since Apple and others usually have room for a bigger battery in a bigger chassis, but here Apple has chosen to balance between bigger battery and more display, and the battery life is so much better than what you see on the Windows side, which we're often willing to forgive.

You'll find the same two Thunderbolt 3 ports, the same MagSafe charging with the colour-coordinated cable, and the same ability to go from 8GB to 24GB of RAM, and from 256GB of space to 2TB.

You'll have to pay a good £200 extra for the larger display, but that comparison is a bit unfair as the standard 15-inch already has the 10-core GPU. Instead, you should compare the slightly more expensive 13" Air for £1,150, which has a slightly larger SSD, with the 15" for £1400 - it is indeed more expensive, but it's worth keeping in mind.

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MacBook Air 15

And the experience is amazing, to say the least. Having so much screen space in a chassis that's 1.15 centimetres thick and weighs just 1.51 kilos is incredible, and it's easy to imagine this becoming a very popular laptop among students and those who love the extra space without compromise.

We recommend you check out our review of the 13-inch Pro version, as it features a review of Apple's M2 chip, but if you've been waiting for a way to get more room for the tasks you need to do with your laptop every day, there really aren't any unpleasant surprises here. Apple has given the people what they wanted, and they've done it well.

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