Apple iPhone sales have fallen across the globe

According to the latest results from Apple itself, the iPhone has seen a drop in demand in nearly all countries.

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The sales of Apple's iPhone have fallen in nearly every country. Demand has dropped by more than 10% in the first three months, falling everywhere except for Europe.

Overall, Apple's revenues have fallen by 4% too $90.8 billion. It's the biggest drop in revenue for over a year, but the expectations were actually worse. Covid-related supply disruptions apparently caused a change in figures, and Apple believes the figures will return to normal as new projects are launched.

Gil Luria, senior software analyst at DA Davidson, told the BBC that Apple could do well in China because "in terms of features, functionality and prestige, iPhone still has an advantage over any other handset."

Considering the economic state of things right now, it can be quite difficult for many to consider purchasing the more expensive iPhone in comparison to cheaper Android offerings, and there's also the feeling that perhaps you don't need to upgrade to the latest iPhone every year if you've already got a decent one.

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Apple iPhone sales have fallen across the globe

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