Apple hit with €1.8 billion fine for favouring Apple Music over competitors

Spotify launched a complaint five years ago, which now has come to fruition.

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It may seem pretty straightforward and clear that Apple is allowed to favour its music streaming platform over others for anyone using the tech giant's devices, but this is actually against some of the laws that the European Commission enforces.

The Californian company has been hit with a €1.8 billion fine for not informing Apple users that there are cheaper alternative music streaming services other than Apple Music. This has ultimately led to iPhone and iPad users paying "significantly higher prices for music streaming subscriptions", with Apple said to be abusing its position as a leader in the music streaming space.

As for why this fine has been issued in the first place, it all comes after Spotify complained about Apple's methods, thus seeing the EU kickstart a five-year investigation into how Apple has been controlling the music streaming space.

While €1.8 billion is a drop in the ocean for a trillion dollar company, it is highly likely that Apple will appeal this fine and further drag out legal proceedings as it looks to defend itself in court. Still, it isn't the only legal case that Apple has faced recently, as the company came under fire from Epic Games for its App Store commission fee too.

Apple hit with €1.8 billion fine for favouring Apple Music over competitors

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