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Apple Glasses patent aims to project a screen directly onto your eyeballs

Taking retina display to a whole new level.

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Apple has filed a new patent for its Apple Glass technology that looks to remove the idea of a screen in favour of beaming images directly onto the wearer's retina. The system intends to use a series of miniature projectors that well... projects an image directly into a user's eyes, removing the need for a screen entirely.

According to the patent, which was first reported on by AppleInsider, the system could also be a solution to combat headaches and nausea caused with augmented reality or virtual reality.

Set to be called a "direct retinal projector", this system seems to also be able to track what it is you're looking at so that it can reflect light accurately, as though you are always looking at a screen regardless of wherever you are gazing.

As this is just a patent, don't expect anything to come from this anytime soon, or perhaps ever. There have been various reports and rumours that each suggest we'd get a first iteration of Apple Glass in 2022, but if that is the case, we'd assume that this eyeball projecting tech won't be a part of it.

Apple Glasses patent aims to project a screen directly onto your eyeballs

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