Monster Hunter Rise

Apex Rathalos is soaring into Monster Hunter Rise in April

The game's 3.0 update will also include an additional ending.

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With Monster Hunter Rise now being out in the wild, Capcom has teased a bunch of new additions that will be arriving in the coming months.

We already knew that Chameleos would be arriving at the end of April, but now it has also been revealed that Apex Rathalos will be making its debut in the same update. This fearsome predator appears to be available within the game's tower defence-like Rampage hunts. The Ver. 2.0 update is also said to add "Hunter Rank" cap in the game, as well as several other related features.

In addition this, Capcom also teased the game's Ver. 3.0 update and noted that it will feature "an additional ending to the Monster Hunter Rise story arc."

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Monster Hunter Rise

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